10 Commandments - 4th Commandment - Ben Sansburn 2/15/15

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10 Commandments - 4th Commandment - Ben Sansburn 2/15/15

Post by Pmattfeld on Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:20 am


I. What was the main point of the sermon (telos)?Sabbath Rest - But was there a main point? Was there a Thesis statement? I don't have access to audio/video so I can't go back and see.

II. Textual Faithfulness (1-4): 4 good reference back to the text - "look with me..."
Comments:appreciated insight and explanation from text. appreciated reading the text, explaining text rhythm.

III. Instruction (1-4):4

A. How did this sermon engage your mind? Caused to think again about what rest looks like for us in Christ.
B. Were you persuaded by the sermon’s main point? Seems I didn't write down a main point - just the 4 sub points. But yes, I was persuaded to find my rest in Christ - so persuaded by the 4th subpoena - realization of rest in Christ
C. Was the passage adequately explained? Yes. Also good use of other passages to support explanation.

IV. Gospel Tone (1-4):4

A. Was Christ preached in this sermon?very well
B. Was the Gospel made clear as a challenge to unbelievers?yes - "Do we know God's rest?" obedience to the list - a challenge to the religious "unbeliever."
C. Were the Gospel and its benefits preached to challenge, comfort, and encourage Christians? Yes. Jesus is the true and better Sabbath - fulfillment of the Sabbath. We can't measure up - keep the list - Jesus is the life giver.

V. Communication

A. Movement
1. Introduction got my attention (1-4):4 yes and my teenagers.
2. Introduction laid foundation for the sermon (1-4): yes and great full circle conclusion
3. Did sermon have clear outline? (1-4):yes - 4 points
4. Sense of momentum? (1-4):3 there were a couple times where I got lost in a point and wasn't sure if we had moved on or where we were going to support the point. Could also be that i had a 2.5 yr old distracting me Smile

B. Order and Unity
1. Main headings developed (1-4):3 - I lost one of the main headings (3rd) again could have been me but perhaps there could have been more of a neon sign when one point was concluding and another begining
2. Organized progression to sermon (1-4):4 great organization - loved the alliteration
3. Illustrations subservient to truth (1-4):4 always
4. Imperatives were specific (1-4):3 most were clear - a couple got lost
5. Transitions were clear (1-4):3 mostly. Sometimes i feel it would be good to - in 1 or 2 sentences, summarize or recap the point then make the segue to the next point
6. Was the sermon unified? (1-4):4 yes although i didn't hear a thesis unless we are just saying the sermon is about the 4th commandment. Is that what you were doing?
7. Length of sermon (1-4):4 teenagers stayed focused so that is always a good measure of length

C. Point
1. Did the sermon affect you? (1-4):4 yes. I thought throughout the week about resting in Christ
2. Was the sermon compelling? (1-4):3 some measure of being compelled though comes in the preparedness of the hearer, no?

D. Delivery
1. Language and vocabulary (1-4):4 always well done
2. Voice inflection/volume/clarity (1-4):4 easy to listen to presentation and engaging to teenagers
3. Eye contact (1-4):4
4. Pulpit presence (1-4): 4

VI. Overall Evaluation of sermon (1-4):4

I offer the following advice and suggestions to the preacher that he might continue to grow in effectiveness as a preacher: see above notes. Thank you Ben for serving us.


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