Ben Sansburn's Evaluation

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Ben Sansburn's Evaluation

Post by bennysans on Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:23 pm


I. What was the main point of the sermon (telos)?

II. Textual Faithfulness (1-4):

III. Instruction (1-4):

A. How did this sermon engage your mind?
B. Were you persuaded by the sermon’s main point?
C. Was the passage adequately explained?

IV. Gospel Tone (1-4):

A. Was Christ preached in this sermon?
B. Was the Gospel made clear as a challenge to unbelievers?
C. Were the Gospel and its benefits preached to challenge, comfort, and encourage Christians?

V. Communication

A. Movement
1. Introduction got my attention (1-4):
2. Introduction laid foundation for the sermon (1-4):
3. Did sermon have clear outline? (1-4):
4. Sense of momentum? (1-4):

B. Order and Unity
1. Main headings developed (1-4):
2. Organized progression to sermon (1-4):
3. Illustrations subservient to truth (1-4):
4. Imperatives were specific (1-4):
5. Transitions were clear (1-4):
6. Was the sermon unified? (1-4):
7. Length of sermon (1-4):

C. Point
1. Did the sermon affect you? (1-4):
2. Was the sermon compelling? (1-4):

D. Delivery
1. Language and vocabulary (1-4):
2. Voice inflection/volume/clarity (1-4):
3. Eye contact (1-4):
4. Pulpit presence (1-4):

VI. Overall Evaluation of sermon (1-4):

I offer the following advice and suggestions to the preacher that he might continue to grow in effectiveness as a preacher:


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Post by Pmattfeld on Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:25 pm

can we have a definition of what 1 -4 indicate?


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