Paul m's eval of "Doing Justice."

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Paul m's eval of "Doing Justice."

Post by Pmattfeld on Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:24 pm

by Admin on Fri Dec 05, 2014 1:49 am

I. What was the main point of the sermon (telos)?
Doing Justice - We are called to be a just society in the midst of an unjust world.
The Church is to "do" justice
1. What is Justice?
2. why doing justice is important
3. what does that look like for us?

II. Textual Faithfulness (1-4): 4
Comments: would like to see more pointers to the text more closely aligned with point.
statement or point made then, "look with me at verse 4..." tie in the text then expound.

III. Instruction (1-4):

A. How did this sermon engage your mind? 4. Challenged and learned new information
B. Were you persuaded by the sermon’s main point?
C. Was the passage adequately explained?

IV. Gospel Tone (1-4):

A. Was Christ preached in this sermon? yes
B. Was the Gospel made clear as a challenge to unbelievers? not particularly or fully.
C. Were the Gospel and its benefits preached to challenge, comfort, and encourage Christians? yes but could have been fleshed out more clearly.

V. Communication

A. Movement
1. Introduction got my attention (1-4): 4
2. Introduction laid foundation for the sermon (1-4): 4
3. Did sermon have clear outline? (1-4): 4
4. Sense of momentum? (1-4): 3 - point 2 might have been more succinct

B. Order and Unity
1. Main headings developed (1-4): 3 - Second point not neon sign clear. content was good but forgot what 2nd point was in the midst of it.
2. Organized progression to sermon (1-4):3
3. Illustrations subservient to truth (1-4):4
4. Imperatives were specific (1-4):3 could have been highlighted more clearly.
5. Transitions were clear (1-4):2 movement to 2nd/3rd point not clear. wrap up/transitional sentence might help. Need to be reminded that we are following an outline more obviously
6. Was the sermon unified? (1-4):3 could possibly have identified justice to particular issue. started with talk of sanctity of life but then talked about the poor later and then racial issues. All of which might need to be specifically addressed. might have benefited from a more pointed review of proposition and main points.
7. Length of sermon (1-4):4

C. Point
1. Did the sermon affect you? (1-4): yes. caused me to look at what i could change
2. Was the sermon compelling? (1-4): yes although the end seemed to funnel down to a point smaller than the main point.

D. Delivery
1. Language and vocabulary (1-4):3
2. Voice inflection/volume/clarity (1-4):4
3. Eye contact (1-4):4
4. Pulpit presence (1-4):3

VI. Overall Evaluation of sermon (1-4):3

I offer the following advice and suggestions to the preacher that he might continue to grow in effectiveness as a preacher: see above.


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