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Dave B - Eval

Post by dbasinger on Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:24 pm

I. What was the main point of the sermon (telos)? - What is the mission of the church- as it pertains to justice? Do justice to man who is made in the image of God.

II. Textual Faithfulness (1-4): 4

III. Instruction (1-4):

A. How did this sermon engage your mind? 4 - encouragement towards love and good works, without a steaming hot side of guilt.
B. Were you persuaded by the sermon’s main point? 4 - Expanded my thoughts of justice to include not simply giving people their due- but a life of right relationships
C. Was the passage adequately explained? 4

IV. Gospel Tone (1-4):

A. Was Christ preached in this sermon? 3 - more development of Christ as the fullness of God's love, mercy and justice / substitutionally bearing the wrath of God in our place, could have made this point a little stronger
B. Was the Gospel made clear as a challenge to unbelievers? 3 -
C. Were the Gospel and its benefits preached to challenge, comfort, and encourage Christians? 3-

V. Communication

A. Movement
1. Introduction got my attention (1-4): 4 - very excellent tie/transition from discussion of pro-life to justice
2. Introduction laid foundation for the sermon (1-4): 4
3. Did sermon have clear outline? (1-4): 3.5
4. Sense of momentum? (1-4): 3

B. Order and Unity
1. Main headings developed (1-4): 3 - Felt that I came away from the sermon both encouraged and more knowledgeable
2. Organized progression to sermon (1-4): 2 - at times i struggled to determine when development of main points changed from one to the next.
3. Illustrations subservient to truth (1-4): 4 - felt that the illustrations were highly relevant, and expanded the depth of the overall topic
4. Imperatives were specific (1-4): 3
5. Transitions were clear (1-4): 2 - see comments on 2.
6. Was the sermon unified? (1-4): 3
7. Length of sermon (1-4): 4 - good adaptation to shorter time frame left from the earlier video

C. Point
1. Did the sermon affect you? (1-4): 3.5
2. Was the sermon compelling? (1-4): 3

D. Delivery
1. Language and vocabulary (1-4): 4 - vocabulary was precise, and approachable. Clarified terms that may not be common to audience (I.e. Shalom)
2. Voice inflection/volume/clarity (1-4): 3
3. Eye contact (1-4): 3
4. Pulpit presence (1-4): 3

VI. Overall Evaluation of sermon (1-4): 3.5 - I enjoy your narrative style of preaching and always feel that I am part of a conversation, not being "preached at".

As a general comment - the reading of the scripture has been omitted in the online forum - for purposes of establishing the scripture early it may be beneficial to either include the scripture reading, or cite the passage i.e (Gen 1:1-9) prior to beginning the sermon. While in the context of physically being present for the sermon this isn't really noticeable, it does become apparent when listening online.


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