Mike's Eval for 3/1

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Mike's Eval for 3/1

Post by Tfay88 on Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:08 am


I. What was the main point of the sermon (telos)?
The value of human life

II. Textual Faithfulness (1-4):Genesis 9:1-12
Comments: faithful to the text

III. Instruction (1-4):4

A. How did this sermon engage your mind?
Encouraged me to make others feel value
B. Were you persuaded by the sermon’s main point?
use or
C. Was the passage adequately explained?

IV. Gospel Tone (1-4):3

A. Was Christ preached in this sermon?
Sort of. What does Christ's life echo about the value of human life?
B. Was the Gospel made clear as a challenge to unbelievers?
C. Were the Gospel and its benefits preached to challenge, comfort, and encourage Christians
Not particularly

V. Communication

A. Movement
1. Introduction got my attention (1-4):3
2. Introduction laid foundation for the sermon (1-4):4
3. Did sermon have clear outline? (1-4):3
4. Sense of momentum? (1-4):3

B. Order and Unity
1. Main headings developed (1-4):4
2. Organized progression to sermon (1-4):3
3. Illustrations subservient to truth (1-4):4
4. Imperatives were specific (1-4):3
5. Transitions were clear (1-4):3
6. Was the sermon unified? (1-4):3
7. Length of sermon (1-4):4

C. Point
1. Did the sermon affect you? (1-4):4
2. Was the sermon compelling? (1-4):4

D. Delivery
1. Language and vocabulary (1-4):4
2. Voice inflection/volume/clarity (1-4):4
3. Eye contact (1-4):4
4. Pulpit presence (1-4):4

VI. Overall Evaluation of sermon (1-4):4
I enjoyed how this was a set up to the next series of commandments. Very nice segue.
With the topic being the value of life, could have had better momentum leading  up to the end
I offer the following advice and suggestions to the preacher that he might continue to grow in effectiveness as a preacher:


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